About Us

Saxco International, LLC is the leading provider of rigid packaging solutions to the wine, beer, liquor and food industries in North America. Our expertise includes bottle design, product sourcing, decorating, project management and delivery whether you are looking for a “one-stop-shop” or a single item for your premium package. Our world class partners including North American manufacturing partners Ardagh and Owens Illinois and our globally sourced Saxco Private Label, allow us to deliver both cost effective stock solutions as well as completely customized packaging…. and our multiple stocking locations allow us to get your products to you when you need it!

Saxco International, LLC is headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with sales offices in Concord, Napa, San Diego and Fairfield, California; Portland, Oregon; Denver, Colorado; Phoenix, Arizona; Louisville, Kentucky; Mountainside, New Jersey; Tampa, Florida; Ontario, Canada and Qingdao, China.