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Saxco One-Stop Shopping

Looking for a company that truly understands your wine packaging demands? Tired of managing multiple SKU's, multiple suppliers, and inflexible supply chains that negatively impact your bottling schedules? Saxco's Packaging Team is a trusted and sophisticated wine market partner who can deliver consistent on-brand packaging products. Our expertise in packaging design, project management, and supply chain logistics will help you cut costs and increase revenues. Our experts will work with you from brand development right through to delivery, meeting your needs on time and on-budget. Saxco’s vast product and service choices enable us to reduce complexity and costs by delivering quick, accurate solutions that make your brand stand out on the shelf. Saxco market experience: boutique, mid-market Estate, negotiant, and commercial wineries.

Products & Services

  • KD’s / Master Cartons
  • Partitions
  • Custom and Stock Wine Shippers
  • Custom and Stock Wine Carriers
  • Club Store Packs
  • Gift Packs / VAP’S
  • Variety & Multi Packs
  • Printed & Sleeved Cans
  • Custom Can Packaging
  • Can Trays
  • Bottle Labels & Decoration
  • Neck Hangers
  • Case Stack POS Displays
  • Custom Packaging Design
  • Structural & Graphic Design Services
  • Prototyping
  • Assembly & Fulfillment Services

Creative Solutions

3 Badge Beverage - Gehricke 6 Pack Laydown Wine Shipper

3 Badge Beverage - Gehricke 6 Pack Laydown Wine Shipper

Saxco uncovered a need to help 3 Badge redesign their existing Gehricke Laydown shippers and lower their total cost of goods and services. The solution included providing One Stop Shopping for structural design, packaging production, bottle supply and filled goods repack. Saxco streamlined 3 Badge’s process by taking 2 existing boxes and consolidating them into 1, thus increasing production efficiencies and lowering their total cost. Saxco’s structural design team designed an upgraded package at a lower cost and offered filled goods repack from contents to laydown, resulting in both time and cost savings.