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SUCCESS WITH SAXCO • North Coast Brewing

Our Customer

North Coast Brewing is a premium craft beer producer headquartered in Fort Bragg, California. The brewer offers a number of Belgian-style beers including the award winning Brother Thelonious strong ale, PranQster golden ale, and a newer Saison, called Le Merle. These beers reflect North Coast’s signature approach to brewing balanced and unique beers inspired by classic styles from around the world.

The Challenge

North Coast sought to strengthen its premium craft beer image and facilitate entry into regional large-scale club stores and high-end liquor stores. Following preliminary discussions with Saxco International about the brewer’s marketing goals, North Coast asked Saxco to design and produce packaging that showcased the three Belgian beers.

Success—It’s in the Details

01 Saxco, drawing on its kitting capabilities and experience, presented a gift box idea to North Coast as a popular, contemporary approach to help gain maximum penetration in the target markets for the three Belgian beers.

02 Saxco produced/sourced the custom gift box package, 750 mL Belgian-style bottles, two branded glasses, and case.

03 Saxco repacked the filled bottles and all other components.

Saxco and North Coast collaborated on the creative process to achieve the exact result North Coast desired. Saxco has supported North Coast throughout their corporate life cycle, alerting the brewer to marketplace trends and new packaging concepts. North Coast ordered a second run of the Belgian beer gift set from Saxco.