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Success with Saxco Sagamore Spirit

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SUCCESS WITH SAXCO • Sagamore Spirit

Our Customer

Sagamore Spirit Rye Whiskey is a Maryland style rye whiskey underwritten by Kevin Plank, the founder and CEO of Under Armour. Maryland has a deep history and heritage of distilling rye whiskey. The state has been home to more than 40 distilleries and Sagamore was honoring that tradition by making a spirit worthy of the state’s distilling legacy.

The Challenge

Sagamore Spirit was launching its new Straight Rye Whiskey in three major U.S. markets. Sagamore tapped Saxco International to create an innovative and stylish bottle that would showcase the new premium spirit’s quality taste and smooth finish. The package had to deliver a prominent and distinctive shelf presence to achieve Sagamore’s product launch goals.

Success—It’s in the Details

01 Mold involved a diamond shaped 750mL flint bottle with at shoulders and embossed logos on the front, back and heavy glass bottom.

02 Saxco also supplied a rich-looking, custom black wood top, natural cork assembly for the bottle’s closure – a diamond logo was imprinted on the top.

03 The closure was over fitted with a burgundy and black capsule from one of Saxco’s trusted suppliers.

Saxco worked closely with Sagamore’s brand management team, along with creative collaboration between Sagamore Creative of Baltimore, Maryland and Ptarmak of Austin, Texas, to bring the project to a successful conclusion.